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Focused Campaigns

Every campaign business brings different practices to the table, so it’s important to select a company that shares your vision for your campaign. At GrassRoots 2.0, we believe in balanced campaigns.

Our team includes both women & men to provide unique perspectives.

Campaign strategy, fundraising & budget must be discussed together because when one lacks, the others must be adjusted.

Campaign spending should be proportional – the greatest website in the world won’t win votes if no one can find it & field programs are useless if there are no fliers to leave behind.

Our number one role on your campaign is to help you succeed. We provide balance to help you win.

Striking Creative

A campaign’s creative is the primary way voters get to know you and your issues. At GrassRoots 2.0 we believe all of your creative should look professional, be licensed and legal, and be held to the highest standards of ethics.

Our art and copy are crafted together to ensure a cohesive message at all times.

Our team is committed to only using licensed & legal stock media on every project, no matter how small.

We believe ethics are central in our campaigns and our clients messages. We are committed to putting out hard hitting, researched & accurate creative.

Seamless Production

The best planning and creative is worthless without good production. At GrassRoots 2.0, we know this and are committed to making the production so simple it’s the last thing on your mind. 

Our team produces all of your media, making sure that the production gets done on-time and on-budget.

A single political mail campaign can use dozens of trees worth of paper, so we are committed to using recycled produces whenever cost effective .

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