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Amplify Services

Our multi-faceted team of bold artists, passionate experts and innovative thinkers work diligently every day to continuously deliver impacts for the brands that share our passion of advertising and public relations and we couldn’t be happier. 


Branding Positioning

Amplify Relations excels at delivering. Whether it’s a new product launch or a 100 years old brand, our team is bold enough to leave a mark.

Market Research & Data

Amplify Relations abides by a core value that other agencies often overlook: market research. We know that the only true way to understand an audience section is to model it. Amplify Relations takes the time build a reliable database consisting of, but not limited to, marketing tactics, the competition, disruptors, and consumer mindset before diving into the campaign space.

Design & Creative

Our team of in-house production mangers, lead copy writers, graphic artists, and web designers is unmatched in execution and vision. Amplify Relations’ award winning creative team’s passion for design is met with their cohesion as a group. Effortlessly, our creative team has produced television spots from concept to production, eye-catching outdoor advertising that continuously breaks the mold, and print design that’s anything but flat. They beg for a challenge. Give it to them. 

Public Relations

Public Relations should be the center of brand positioning, not an afterthought. At Amplify Relations, every we include a public relations strategy in ever brand launch, to make sure you’re maximizing your opportunities to promote and present your brand in the best light.

Traditional Media

Amplify Relations’ media buying strategy is anything but traditional. We take our outside-the-box thinking and apply it to all medias, including outdoor, television, and print advertising. While many advertising and public relations agencies shy away from these venerable outlets, Amplify Relations recognizes their utility when required.  Our award winning direct mail design, cutting edge outdoor conceptualization, head-turning print strategies, new age radio approach, and eye-catching television continues to drive Amplify Relations’ desire to be innovative in every approach.

New Media

Amplify Relations is on the cutting edge of the newest medias to get you in front of your clients. Our expertise is unmatched in the industry’s most emergent movement ranging from Search engine optimization, pay-per click advertising, content marketing, social media, and email marketing. Whether it’s looking for a specific cross-section of data on a potential customer base, running a grassroots social media campaign that speaks directly to the individual, or content that conveys the exact message your consumer base craves, Amplify Relations understands the richness and depth needed to engage your target audience. 

Earned media

Amplify Relations employs an industry leading public relations team which consistently delivers tens of millions of media impressions in over 50 markets every year for our clients. Our public relations strategies have never been about simply sending releases in hopes that someone out there bites—we believe in coverage. Our public relations team understands what makes a story a story, and we get buy-in from community leaders and key influencers country wide that get what you want—results.


Omni-Channel Storytelling

Storytelling in today’s world requires campaigns that are flexible, organic, and far-reaching while being featured across multiple media types. We are able to tell the chapters of story on the medias that will suit them best, all while keeping the story consistent.


Integrated Marketing

Amplify Relations approaches problems with a different mindset: complete campaign integration.

Campaign Development

We believe the best work comes when you’re looking at the whole picture, not one piece at a time. Amplify Relations excels at building integrated marketing campaigns that take a holistic approach, instead of treating each service and each platform individually.

Project Management & Brand Strategy

Whether it is a new brand launch or an ongoing campaign, our project management and ongoing brand strategy make sure your project says on time and on budget. You have a dedicated, single-point of contact who works with our in-house project teams to know your brand, inside and out, to make sure we’re always taking your work to the next level.

In-house design & PR

Amplify Relations is able to hit the ground running every time because we have a team that works together day in and day out for our clients. We don’t need to interview or wait for freelancers or subcontractors. Amplify Relations has a full spectrum of design and public relations talent in house, ready to get to work for you.

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