Bryce Keil: Elevating The Creative Mind

Bryce Keil: Elevating the Creative Mind

  When last we spoke, we discussed what, in essence, sets good creative apart from bad creative, and the best, most useful steps on how to reach the former. That process is a much simpler affair than what we are about to delve into today, though the two are intrinsically linked. Bear with me--we may get a little sappy. We are all professionals and as such we constantly strive to better ourselves in our line of work.  It’s important to…

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Megan Bedera: Campaign Secret Weapons

Megan Bedera: Campaign Secret Weapons

  We all know the only silver bullet in an advertising and public relations campaign is hard work, but there are secret weapons out there that can help catapult your campaign forward. Whether you are a public relations firm expanding your toolbox or a campaign seeking a competitive advantage, here are a few of the secret weapons you want in our arsenal for 2016. Public Relations and Media Monitoring Software: Tools like Cision Public Relations (formerly Vocus) or PR New Wire…

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Alli Williams: The Essentials Of Online Fundraising

Alli Williams: The Essentials of Online Fundraising

Raising money for a cause can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. The medium of online fundraising is an ever growing area, and there are a few things to keep in mind when embarking on an online fundraising public relations campaign.

The first essential component to an online fundraising public relations campaign is to establish a goal. When donors and organizations have a clear goal in mind, it’s easier to raise funds to meet that goal. Goal setting also gives the organization a quantifiable metric to compare results. What gets measured can always be duplicated or improved, so the efforts for next time can be that much more effective.

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Patrick Murphy: I Am Sales And You Can Too (3.5 Great Sales Lessons)

Patrick Murphy: I Am Sales and You Can Too (3.5 Great Sales Lessons)


I’ve spent my entire adult life in some form of sales, with products ranging from roses and pianos to politicians and ideas. After twelve years, a lot of folks ask how I’ve been able to sell so many different things as effectively as I do.

Looking back on the last twelve years, it comes down to three lessons I’ve learned across fifteen states and dozens of political and corporate brands.

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Rebecca Jackson: Kids, Fun And Sales – The Art Of Managed Childhood Excitement

Rebecca Jackson: Kids, Fun and Sales – The Art of Managed Childhood Excitement

We all have seen the uncontrolled power of childhood excitement, ranging from squeals of joy on Christmas morning to a kicking fit in the toy aisle. Used for good or evil, it’s a powerful force in influencing family decision-making. Our challenge is, how can the public relations and advertising industry use that power to drive buying decisions, dinner table conversations or classroom interactions?  Children are no longer bystanders in buying conversations; they are leaders!

Children of all ages love advertising’s bright colors and catchy phrases. The brands children see and know are trusted, like a good friend! Sometimes, the engaging words and the shiny new product can be just too inviting to pass up. We can all relate to the plight of Woody in Disney’s “Toy Story” as Buzz Lightyear arrives on scene!

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Amplify Relations Adopts RISE As Its Holiday Charity

Amplify Relations adopts RISE as its holiday charity

This holiday season Amplify Relations is adopting the Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality (RISE) as its holiday charity. RISE, a 501(c)(3), is a volunteer-only organization that works to care for Reno’s most resource deprived and poverty-stricken residents, with a mission to cultivate a greater sense of dignity and humility for all members of our community by encouraging equal access to shelter, knowledge and opportunity. Three Saturdays a month RISE, along with community volunteers, cook and serve meals to the homeless and disadvantaged. They also distribute clothing, blankets, toiletries and other basic necessities.

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Elizabeth Brass: The Branded Feeling Of Color

Elizabeth Brass: The Branded Feeling of Color


The Santa Clause we all know today with the bright red outfit and hat with the rosy cheeks was created by the Coca Cola company as part of an advertising campaign to sell more Cokes in the winter time. Before 1939, the big guy sported a much darker red outfit.

Color in advertising has to do with feeling. There are many different ways a graphic designer can portray the feeling of a company, but the strongest way is through the use of color, or lack of color. How a company uses color for that recognition can make a good company grow stronger and make a bad company fail faster.

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Allisa Robertson: The (Golden) Rule Of Thirds

Allisa Robertson: The (Golden) Rule of Thirds


Social media is not only a cost effective way to increase brand recognition and drive sales, but, even more so, it is a new market space for businesses that allows companies to reach consumers they may not otherwise connect with. In this day and age if don’t have a social presence, you simply aren’t in the competition.

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Alexis Miller: The PR Of People

Alexis Miller: The PR of People

For many, public relations is about media impressions and article placement. While that is necessary and valuable, it is not the foundation of public relations. The very essence of public relations is relationships. Liking people and engaging with them. So many jobs have you locked away in an office with little interaction with the outside world. As public relations professionals we have the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life and developing relationships with them: the media, elected officials, my clients, potential clients and their customers. Knowing these people add richness to life and in return we get to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its audience and help our clients accomplish their public relations goals.

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