Our Team Has Grown: New Hires And Interns

Our team has grown: New hires and interns

Bulldog Reporter Features Amplify Relations' Newest Hires and Internal Promotions   "Amplify Relations announced the addition of Anthony Mendoza, Account Coordinator, Maya Merlis, Staff Assistant, Kayley Clark, Staff Assistant, and three paid Fall 2016 interns, as well as the internal promotions of Alli Williams, Public Relations Manager, and Trinda Freese, Public Relations Coordinator." Read More Here NNBW Features Amplify Relations' Fall Interns   "Gavin Korte, Tanner Lecumberry, and Sadë Mills have joined the staff at Amplify Relations as interns.  "Korte is…

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Alli Williams – What To Wear This Halloween: Advertising Agency Edition

Alli Williams – What to Wear this Halloween: Advertising Agency Edition

Does your office get into the Halloween spirit when October rolls around? Whether you decide to throw a party, head to a haunted house, dress up for work, or just eat your weight in bite-sized candy bars, Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate all things spooky. If you’re still stuck on what to wear on this ghostly holiday, don’t fret! Here is a complete list of costumes you can wear based on your role within an advertising and public relations…

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Anthony Mendoza – 5 Skills Accounts People Should Always Be Improving

Anthony Mendoza – 5 Skills Accounts People Should Always be Improving

The role of an advertising account executive (we like to call them “AEs” for short) is a moving target. You’ll get a different answer from everyone you ask. Depending on the day, your teams will think you are the “defender of art” or the “killer of creativity”, your clients will think you are the knight in shining armor or a fool, and your parents still have no idea what to tell anyone about what you do. “But what do you…

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Elizabeth Brass – Coloring Inside The Lines: A Look At Brand Guides And Your Business

Elizabeth Brass – Coloring Inside The Lines: A Look at Brand Guides and Your Business

As kids we are taught to stay in the lines when coloring in a coloring book to create a seamless, cohesive, beautiful picture that your mom would hang on the fridge for everyone to see. When we first started at this, none of us were experts. It took practice and patience and quite frankly some of us rebelled against staying in the lines all together just for the sheer joy of knowing we were breaking the rules. Now imagine if…

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Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Amplify Relations team members are active in our community and within our industry! Below you will some of the ideas, advice and tips given by Amplify Relations staff about their own experiences as advertising professionals. Cornerstone on Demand - Advice for a Lifetime: Employees Reveal Their Parents' Best Career Tips College Recruiter - Why employers covet soft skills developed working in the restaurant and retail industry FitSmallBusiness.com - How to Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to Get Press For Your Small Business allBusiness - Are You a…

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Bryce Keil- ‘A Light At The End Of The Tunnel’: A Primer To Lighting Your Next Shoot

Bryce Keil- ‘A Light at the End of the Tunnel’: A Primer to Lighting Your Next Shoot

In this modern day and age of digital connectivity, we are increasingly faced with rich media components to our advertising campaigns. Clients want their messages to be as far-reaching as possible. More and more vendors are being asked to pitch campaigns with video elements leading the charge. No matter how accomplished we are at the art of actually pointing and shooting, whether we have the best lens, if we’re shooting on digital RED, or we have managed to lock down…

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Trinda Freese – The Power Of Sound: How Earworms Get Stuck In Our Heads

Trinda Freese – The Power of Sound: How Earworms Get Stuck in Our Heads

I’ve recently taken to turning on the morning news as I get ready for work, telling myself I’m only leaving the TV on so my cat doesn’t get lonely during the day. Usually I don’t pay much attention to the background noise of the weatherman’s droning or the newscaster’s poor attempts at witty banter, forgetting all but the sound of their voices. One day I started humming an unfamiliar tune and tapped my fingers to an alien beat. It was…

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Alli Robertson-CODE ORANGE: Burger King Unveils Their Cheesiest PR Stunt Yet

Alli Robertson-CODE ORANGE: Burger King unveils their cheesiest PR stunt yet

There are many avenues a company can choose to take when trying to gain brand recognition, and deciding which is best for your namesake can be exhausting. While many opt for traditional marketing tactics like email campaigns and corporate- social responsibility partnerships, others take the road less traveled and dare to impress with public relations stunts. This week we saw a prime example of a well-executed marketing stunt when Burger King unveiled their wild new product, Mac n’ Cheetos. These…

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Robby Schlesinger – My First Week In Review: Life Among The Amplify Relations Tribe

Robby Schlesinger – My First Week in Review: Life Among the Amplify Relations Tribe

As I walked from my car to the steps of my new advertising office, I felt like Jane Goodall must have before plunging into the wilds of Tanzania to live among the great apes. Granted, downtown Reno isn’t much like Tanzania, nor are my coworkers much like chimpanzees (for the most part). I just mean I felt the same sense of trepidation I imagined she felt before setting off on a new adventure, to live among a group she did…

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Alli Williams – Make It Newsy: Finding Your Angle When Pitching News To The Media

Alli Williams – Make it Newsy: Finding Your Angle When Pitching News to the Media

The media is unpredictable. A hot button issue one day will likely be old news the next. With these ever changing preferences, it can be difficult to latch on to what’s trending at any given time. This is exactly what public relations professionals are doing on a daily basis. In order to obtain news placements for your clients, you have to know what’s currently in the news. So how do you make a press release, pitch, or story idea “newsy”?…

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