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How to Create Amplify’s Digital Ad | Part II: ‘Integrated’ Design


Welcome back to our blog series on Amplify Relations’ new ad. Let’s take a look at how our ‘Integrated‘ neon sign look came to life. Start by opening up a new Photoshop document and create it as per usual, 8.5 x 11 with 330 dpi. Set the background of the document to Black by choosing Edit in the top menu and then Fill.



Using the ‘T’ tool, type ‘Integrated’ or the word of your choice. For this example, we used the typeface ‘Las Enter’. For the pink effect, right click on your text layer and select ‘Blending Options’. Navigate to the Color Overlay panel, and chose your color. See the example below for our choice.



As we get into the more complicated depth of the art, duplicate the text layer so that we can manipulate it without losing the original incase of any mistakes or second guesses, as well as further manipulation of just the text. After you duplicate your text layer, convert it to a smart object.




Once you’ve created your smart object, proceed to top menu and select Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur and apply the filter to obtain your desired effect. Ours was set at 31.7%. Now select the text layer that has not been converted into a smart object, right click and select Blending Options. Chose Drop Shadow and adjust them to your desired look or copy our settings below:


Remember that, due to our black fill layer, the shadow effects won’t immediately show unless you the hide the background layer!


With the blending options still open, click the Inner Glow options and adjust your image as you see fit or copy our settings here:




Set your Bevel and Emboss to your desired setting or copy ours as seen here:


And with that, take a step back and see how your neon word turned out! Add a new color behind the sign to see how your shadows came out. For the best effect, throw the leather layer we previously designed behind it! If you’re not happy with your shadows, go back and adjust them until they fit your neon vision!

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