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How to Create Amplify’s Digital Ad | Part I: ‘An’ Opening


When Amplify Relations began moving into a new era of corporate work, we knew it would be a great opportunity to show off our design skills.  We took it upon ourselves to create something wholly unique for our agency that reflects the skills of our design team.  In the following series of blogs, we’re taking a deep dive into our process and how we brought this multi-layered advertisement to life.
For the ‘AN’ element at the top, we made use of the Origami Font, which can be found here: Remember to double check your font choice for usage rights when creating work like this.  We also started with a newspaper texture stock image which most stock photography websites (getty, shutterstock, adobe, etc.) will carry.  Our image was set at 1200px wide with a dpi of 300.

See the image above as an example


Once you’ve installed Origami (or the font of your choice), navigate over to Photoshop and create a new 8.5 x 11 document and set the dpi at 300.



Once you have your document created, then grab the ‘T’ type tool and selected Origami or your chosen font, and type ‘an’.  Don’t forget to Rasterize your type once you’ve completed this step.



Now that you’ve finished your type rasterization, import or place that earlier downloaded newspaper texture. It should go above ‘an’ as the topmost layer. It should look something like this on your canvas:


With your layers now in the proper position, grab the top most layer (newspaper) and drag it down the page so it’s on top of the lower layer, the ‘an’.  Once you’ve completed that step, click on your bottom layer once and then, holding the Command key down, click on the bottom layer again, creating an outlined shape of the word ‘an’.


Next, grab the newspaper layer again and press Command + J.  This gives us a new layer with both ‘an’ and the newspaper texture in the same shape. You can either delete, or hide the newspaper layer as it has served its purpose admirably!  Navigate to the top menu and select Layer and then Merge Down to combine the two layers to finalize the an/newspaper shape.


At this point, we have a nice new shape to work with.  But the shape isn’t complete quite yet.  We still need to add the shading! Navigate over to the left toolbar and grab the Rectangle Marquee tool.  Create a new empty layer above the ‘an’ layer and select the area as shown in the image below.

Right under the edge


Once you’ve selected your area, select the Brush tool.  Ensure that your Hardness is set to 0 and apply your brush inside the above selected are to create a light shadowing effect. Play around with the depth of your letter and, once you’re satisfied with the product, use Command + D to get rid of the selection area. Save yourself some time by copying the shadow layer and putting it in areas of your word that require some depth.  If you’re using the word ‘an’ as we are in this blog, see the picture below:



We’re almost there!  To finalize the depth of the shadows, merge all the layers in the doc and navigate to the layer panel, right clicking on the new merged layer and select Blending Options.  Play around with the Drop Shadow setting to achieve the depth you’re looking for.  Or simply copy the settings seen in the screenshot below:



And that’s it!  Our first element of the design is completed!  We’re excited for you to get started. Don’t forget to check out our other tutorials located on our blog page!



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