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Allisa Robertson: The (Golden) Rule of Thirds


Social media is not only a cost effective way to increase brand recognition and drive sales, but, even more so, it is a new market space for businesses that allows companies to reach consumers they may not otherwise connect with. In this day and age if don’t have a social presence, you simply aren’t in the competition.

While having a presence in the online world is the first step, managing and advertising your brand is the next part, and it may not be as intuitive as you think. This is because posting to social media forums is not as simple as understanding the brand that you are advertising; you need to have a full grasp of who your audience is.

Constantly advertising your own brand may seem like the most effective was to spread your message and increase sales, but in reality you may be turning consumers away from you. The daily bombardment of “buy this now” or “you NEED us” is more than likely going to drive your clientele to the “unfollow” or worse “unlike” section of your Facebook page.

In order to avoid over saturating your social media followers, we suggest you follow the “Rule of Thirds”.

The Rule of Thirds:

  • A third of your content should be self created and sales driven
  • A third of your postings should be content from other sources that are promoting the same message as your brand
  • A third of content should not be directly related to your product, but instead be content that your audience base connects with

By posting within these guidelines, you can keep your audience engaged without over promoting.

Closing Thought: Don’t limit your business to one social media platform. While Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular marketing sites, your business could be missing out on a huge number of potential consumers that are more inclined to frequent an image driven platform, like Pinterest or Instagram.

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