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Image is everything, and at Amplify Relations, we can help you revamp your old image or work with you to build a new image from scratch. Amplify Relations is a full service advertising and public relations firm. With our over 20 years combined advertising and public relations experience, we know what it takes to get your organization the outcome you need.

Starting a new organization can be overwhelming. At Amplify Relations, our Public Relations team will work with you from day one to get your organization up and running. We design all of our work in-house and have close relationships with print shops so you get the best quality materials. We will work with you to design:

  •  Logo
  •  Website
  •  Mailers
  •  Television ads

As a Public Relations firm, we understand that image is important, but the message you convey is too. We will work with you to strengthen your organization’s brand.  Amplify Relations specializes in public opinion polling. We will use our expertise to brainstorm several slogans and messages and test them with the public to ensure the public hears the message your brand is saying.

Once we create your brand, our advertising and media team will help get your message out to the public. We will work to create effective ads as well as create a media-buying package unique to your needs. As a Public Relations firm, we can also work to create media friendly news releases in order to ensure you are getting the most media hits as possible.  We have close relationships with local journalists and experience pitching stories so you get the coverage you need.

Technology and interests change, and we believe your image should be flexible. At Amplify Relations, we also work with existing organizations to revamp your old image. Our Public Relations team will work with your existing message and brand, and develop exciting strategies to update your look and feel. We offer consultations on new and exciting ways to effectively get your name and brand to the public.


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