Megan Bedera

Megan Bedera
Vice President
775-453-0618 ext: 103

The heartbeat of Amplify Relations; a unique mix of a kid who grew up in 4H, and an Ivy League educated professional. What Megan understands about the world around us can’t be taught. As a founding partner of Amplify Relations, she has managed every sort of project, from complex launches, late night talk show radicals, and even an armed stand off with federal officials.

As Amplify Relations’ go-to project manger for major projects, Megan has spent a career pushing projects forward and getting things done.  Never afraid to take on the impossible for a client, in our first week in business, she committed to and built a client’s website, having never written a line of code before that week. When you need a project done and done right, Megan never falls short. If it can happen in advertising and public relations, Megan has successfully gotten clients through it. Mixing the heart of a writer and the brain of web developer with the magic of an account executive, Megan always makes things happen.

MeganMegan Bedera