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Alexis Miller: The PR of People

For many, pubic relations is about media impressions and article placement. While that is necessary and valuable, it is not the foundation of public relations. The very essence of public relations is relationships. Liking people and engaging with them. So many jobs have you locked away in an office with little interaction with the outside world. As public relations professionals we have the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life and developing relationships with them: the media, elected officials, my clients, potential clients and their customers. Knowing these people add richness to life and in return we get to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its audience and help our clients accomplish their PR goals.

Amplify RelationsAlexis Miller: The PR of People
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Bryan Bedera: Why Spec Work Brings Out the Best in Advertising

Pitching new business in the advertising and public relations world is all about showing a client how an agency’s team thinks and whether they will be a good fit to work together. Everything the client sees first, the name of the agency, the design of the proposal, media buying or creative, are to show a prospective client just how your team thinks. This concept is called spec work, the unpaid work that is done as part of a bidding process. When you provide a prospective client a work sample, specific to their project, it shows how your agency thinks when posed with a problem, given almost no direction. What’s not to love?

Amplify RelationsBryan Bedera: Why Spec Work Brings Out the Best in Advertising
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Reno Advertising Agency Founders Accepted to Join Invite-Only Young Entrepreneurs Council

Reno, Nev. – Bryan and Megan Bedera, co-founders of Reno startup Amplify Relations, were welcomed into Young Entrepreneurs Council last week, an invitation-only organization of America’s top business leaders under the age of 40.

“We are honored and excited to be welcomed into such a prestigious group of the nations leading business minds,” said Bryan Bedera. “Seven years ago when we opened Amplify Relations, our goal was only to make enough money to pay the rent, and this milestone reminds us we are a position to lead our community.”

Amplify RelationsReno Advertising Agency Founders Accepted to Join Invite-Only Young Entrepreneurs Council
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Bryce Keil: Art Meets Advertising

Art is a mirror that reflects a culture for the world to see. I left the small town of Bishop, CA for New York City at the age of 18 to become an actor, an artist and player on the world’s stage. Fast-forward 10 years, and here I sit, working for an ad agency. The biggest, most valuable thing I have gained is perspective. I am still an artist today but instead of acting on and off the Broadway stages in the Village, I get the chance to perform on a stage shown to the entire world using ad campaigns “to hold a mirror to our worlds’ hopes, dreams, and aspirations”.

Amplify RelationsBryce Keil: Art Meets Advertising
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