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Amplify Relations team members are active in our community and within our industry! Below you will some of the ideas, advice and tips given by Amplify Relations staff about their own experiences as advertising professionals.

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Alli WilliamsMedia Mentions
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Alli Williams – What to Wear this Halloween: Advertising Agency Edition

Does your office get into the Halloween spirit when October rolls around? Whether you decide to throw a party, head to a haunted house, dress up for work, or just eat your weight in bite-sized candy bars, Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate all things spooky.

If you’re still stuck on what to wear on this ghostly holiday, don’t fret! Here is a complete list of costumes you can wear based on your role within an advertising agency:

Copywriter – Zombie
This is an easy one for copywriters, most the time they are already halfway to this look! Just give them 500 pages of copy to proofread and remove their caffeine; tada! You’ve got yourself a great zombie getup.

PR Director – Superhero
While PR pros wear many hats, one that they don so often is the crisis manager. Who do you turn to when your brand or your client’s brand is in crisis? There is only one true hero who can turn this unfavorable press around and ensure the brand name is not tarnished. I mean, PR professionals are everyday superheroes regularly, am I right?

Creative Director – Pirate
The Creative Director is the Captain of the art department ship. Along with his crew, the creative director works tirelessly to brave the rough waters of client art requests. While the creative director may not pillage and plunder like your average pirate, the two have one commonality: they are out-of-the-box thinkers.

Graphic Designer – A French Painter
A graphic designer is a modern day artist – in every sense of the word, so what Halloween costume is more fitting than the garb of another artist? While a graphic designer may work in media like Photoshop and Illustrator rather than paint and canvas, they still have that same imaginative eye and artistic ability that an old-school French painter has. Plus, their quirky, hipster handlebar mustache already fits with the ensemble!

Account Executive – Prisoner
As the mantra goes, “the client is always right.” The Account Executive lives by this law daily, and aims to provide the client with the best possible work for their specific goals. Where her coworkers may have a little more creative freedom, the Account Exec. will ensure that anything leaving her desk is approved by her bible – the client’s brand book.

Social Media Manager – Snapchat Filter
As the trendiest member of the marketing team, the Social Media Manager is hip to the latest crazes. Not only will the social media manager be able to use #nofilter on all her Halloween Instagram photos, she will also be among the most relevant costumes this year.

HR – Referee
Human Resources are there to keep all employees in line. Much like a referee, the HR department mediates employee relations and makes sure everything is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis; and this holiday, they even get an obnoxious whistle to keep everyone well-ordered!

Intern – Ghost
The intern is like the silent force that helps you get all your projects complete. While they don’t always get to do the most glamourous work, they help you with the nitty gritty details that are needed on any campaign. Plus, after about a semester with the company they effectively disappear (aka “ghost” you) in order to return to their normal studies.

Client – Angel/Devil
All of our clients come to us as perfect angels; but every once in a while, that devilish side can make an appearance.  It’s up to you and your team to make sure their angelic side comes out. A happy client makes for a happy agency.

I hope you were able to get some great costume ideas for Halloween this year. Do you have any to add to the list? Leave your ideas in the comments! Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Alli WilliamsAlli Williams – What to Wear this Halloween: Advertising Agency Edition
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