About Us

Amplify Relations is a full service Public Relations, Government Affairs and Advertising Agency. We strive to be bold, innovative and passionate. Our unmatched diversity of experience allows us to bring game-changing strategies to the table; we can take your organization to Washington, to the halls of the state legislature, to the 5pm news, to cutting edge advertising and to the streets talking to people one on one. For our team it’s about results, and we have the tools and experience to achieve.

What Make Us Different

At Amplify Relations we strive to be on the cutting edge of our industry while keeping the fundamentals at the heart of what we do. We provide state-of-the-art tools to our clients in addition to traditional services. Our firm is has been one of the leaders in using technology, like automated calling and online targeted ad placement to drive a message, while maintaining relationships with press, elected officials and community leaders, giving our clients a full set of cutting edge and traditional tools to shape public opinion.

Our team is nationally recognized as a one of the best, honored twice in the last 3 year, by the American Association of Political Consultants as one of the best in the nation for both our advertising and government affairs work. Members of our team have recognized by Campaign & Election magazine as a top influencers. We have a team with experience getting results for complex and controversial organizations; we know when to take a light touch and when to swing for the fences. At Amplify Relations we have one of the best teams in public relations.

We love what we do and we would love the chance to show you the bold and innovative passion we can bring to your organization.


Bold Strategies

Innovative Approaches

Passionate Team

Meet The Team

With over 50 years of understanding how shape public opinion out team can bring your organization to a new level of awareness and public support

Bryan Bedera Chief Executive Officer

Megan Bedera Chief Operating Officer

Bryce Keil Creative Director

Elizabeth Brass Design Manager

Anthony Mendoza Account Executive

Trinda Freese PR Coordinator

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