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Alli Robertson-CODE ORANGE: Burger King unveils their cheesiest PR stunt yet

There are many avenues a company can choose to take when trying to gain brand
recognition, and deciding which is best for your namesake can be exhausting. While
many opt for traditional marketing tactics like email campaigns and corporate-
social responsibility partnerships, others take the road less traveled and dare to
impress with PR stunts.

This week we saw a prime example of a well-executed marketing stunt when Burger
King unveiled their wild new product, Mac n’ Cheetos. These are exactly what they
sound like: deep-fried sticks of macaroni and cheese breaded with a Cheetos-
flavored coating. The announcement of this product sent the Internet into a frenzy;
the product was trending on Facebook and Twitter within 24 hours, and to make the
them even more desirable, Burger King early released the product in major key

On Monday the product became available nationwide, so members of our team took
the opportunity to sit down together and sample them for themselves.

Here are their thoughts:

Alli Williams- “While I do enjoy the cheesy nature of the treat, the Cheeto dust
cheese had a way of overpowering the Mac n’ Cheese cheese. You can never go
wrong with deep-fried though; I’d eat a deep-fried shoe if someone served it to me
out of a drive thru window. That buzzword alone was enough to get my attention
and convince me to try them.”

Robby Schlesinger – “At first I was worried eating one might be a mistake, but by
the time I was finished, I was certain of it. While the crunchy Cheetos and the melty
macaroni might make sense together in theory, in practice it creates a lingering,
powdery glue that adheres to your taste buds hours after reluctantly swallowing it.
The bizarre novelty was enough to get me to try them once, but not enough to get
me to come back; Jack in the Box’s Munchy Meal is better branded and better tasting

Alli Robertson – “Burger King needs to take a trip to the Taco Bell drive thru, grab a
Doritos Locos Taco and take some notes. Plus one point for cross marketing with a
popular snack food, but minus 10 points for lacking in the fake Cheetos cheese dust
flavor I expected. That being said, I would probably eat these again…at 4am with a
side of ranch.”

Trinda Freese – “The BK Mac n’ Cheetos sounds like a food combination a four year
old would come up with. That being said, it tastes better than it sounds. The two
different cheese tastes complimented each other well, rather than one
overpowering the other. I’m not normally a cheese lover, but I think BK’s innovative
product development has convinced me to make an exception.”

Bryce Keil – “Here’s my bold prediction: it challenges the brand loyalty I have to
Jack in the Box tacos as favorite late night snack; however, if I’m going to Burger
King, I’m getting a grilled hot dog, because hard fact is this: Burger King’s grilled
dogs are, in a word, fantastic.

The final thought:

This intention of this product was to create hype for the Burger King brand, not to
add a new staple product to the menu. This is not the first time Burger King has
attempted to raise sales by throwing a curve ball item to the menu; remember the
A.1. Halloween Whopper, or the 2012 “Summer Menu”, complete with a Bacon Sundae?

The key to making a PR stunt work is that it can’t feel forced. While reviews of the
product remain mixed, Burger King will certainly see a rise in profits stemming from
the launch of it’s latest PR stunt, and for that we give them 5/ 5 Cheetos-dusted

Amplify RelationsAlli Robertson-CODE ORANGE: Burger King unveils their cheesiest PR stunt yet