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Megan Bedera: Why We’re Giving Back

Amplify Relations celebrated its birthday last month, and it got us thinking about the future. Bryan and I founded Amplify Relations in 2009 out of necessity during the worst part of the recession, and now we are a growing and thriving business that is creating jobs and generating positive economic impact.

But as we reflected on the future, we wanted to do more. Bryan and I already volunteer in the community; but it occurred to us that if only the two of us increased the hours we give, we would simply be adding a few more a year, or alternatively, we could extend the invitation to volunteer to the entire Amplify Relations team and multiply the number of volunteer hours we can give in the communities where we work. We decided to multiply, so starting in 2016, Amplify Relations will be incentivizing our employees by providing two paid days for volunteering each year with a 501c3 of their choice. Today, that equals 160 hours.

Amplify Relations has barely outgrown the title of “startup”, and we run a lean operation, but this is important to us, and it should be important to you, too. Look for the character of a company through actions, not words. You have a choice when you select a company to work with, and we firmly believe that you get better products from companies that care.

Being a good community partner is part of Amplify Relations core values, and our paid volunteering comes in addition to providing good, high-paying jobs. Since our beginning, we have paid even our lowest paid employees enough that they didn’t need nor qualify for food stamps or government assistance. Amplify Relations employees also receive paid days off for sick or vacation, paid disability to cover time off for surgery or pregnancy, health, dental and vision insurance, and now paid volunteering.

We are truly blessed, and now it’s our turn to pay it forward. Every day the Amplify Relations team works on projects for businesses, governments and political clients that have the potential to change the world, but volunteering is one small action we can take to make a difference in the biggest way, by doing work that directly impacts our communities.

Amplify RelationsMegan Bedera: Why We’re Giving Back